Summers End

Delphiniums 001

The kids are back in school, we have had our week where the sun shone every day as it does the week they go back to school every year.As glad as I am to see them go back it also means the end of the summer and thank God we did get one this year.To mark the end of Summer every day this week I have filled the shop with a stunning selection of wild summer flowers like Astilbe Delphiniums larkspurs etc……so if you had flowers delivered by us last week I do hope enjoyed the colours and scents of the flowers. In this bouquet which was sent for the birth of twins which is why I have filled it with pink and blue flowers (Delphiniums, Astilbes, Lillies ,Roses and Stocks). The flowers were delivered th the ladies house so she could get the benefit of having the flowers at home, as they tend not to last as well in hospitals due to the heat. The cost of this large bouquet would be €80.00