Summer Flowers – Pink Dahlias

Pink Dahlias – Flowers To Ward Off Winter – Flowers To Reflect Dignity, Elegance, And A Summer Garden In Bloom.

Sarah was drawn in to Flowers123 by the bright floral displays in our window. We chatted while I created a lovely hand-tied bouquet of pink Dahlias. She decided to treat herself. No special occasion. Summer celebration. And these pale pink flowers reminded her of ice-cream. July bloom rather than January gloom! We both remembered the winters full of snow and ice a few years back. Sarah said she’d rather be buying Dahlias than those mad-looking shoe spikes we all needed during savage weather; like cactus on the feet so as not to end up like an upturned potted plant on the ice.

Sarah already knew that the Dahlia has warm associations, as it’s the national flower of Mexico. But she was delighted to hear that ever since Victorian times, the Dahlia flower is seen as a symbol of dignity and elegance. We both agreed that surrounding yourself with pale pink Dahlia’s, full of dignity and elegance, was no harm at all in terms of warding off the bad and painful memories of clattering around a flower free Dublin winter full of ice and not a snow-drop to be seen.

See our contact details below, and treat yourself today. Flowers123 won’t bankrupt you, and hopefully won’t involve a trip to Casualty on the way home. In fact, with our online ordering and free same-day delivery all over Dublin, you can definitely avoid that one!

Free delivery will mean you can beautify your kitchen table with a vase full of summer ambience – as Sarah says – like strawberry ice-cream that’s gilt-edged because it’s fat-free! Pink Dahlia’s don’t melt, or drip, but they’ll fill your home with a pale pink floral taste of summer. These Dahlias are popular, and also cherished as part of larger bouquets full of mixed flowers and summer abundance.
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