Sympathy Flowers & Funeral Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers is a lovely way to express your heartfelt condolences and let the bereaved family know that even if you cannot be there in person, that you are thinking of them and wish them comfort in their time of grief.

  • Funeral spray

    A selection of ,lillies foliage and other seasonal flowers. Can be done in colours of your choice.

  • Flowers Letters

    Any letter name can be arranged to suit the customers needs.

  • Lilly and Rose Coffin Spray
    Our most popular Coffin Spray for the top of the coffin aprox 3ft in length. Consisting of white Roses, white Lilies complimented by an array of seasonal white flowers.
  • Mixed Funeral Wreath
    Mixed Funeral Wreath

    A lovely and elegant funeral wreath of flowers.

  • Mixed Spray - Funeral Flowers
    Mixed Spray

    A selection of choice coloured flowers greens and grasses arranged. The perfect funeral tribute an alternative to the wreath..

  • Pink Rose Wreath

    A traditional wreath consisting of pink Roses and complimented by a selection of seasonal flowers. Can be made in an variety of colors.

  • Spray of Lillies
    Spray of Lillies

    A selection of Lilies greens and grasses arranged.The perfect floral tribute.

  • White Rose Spray
    White Rose Spray

    The White Rose Spray – The perfect funeral tribute.

  • White Rose Wreath
    A simple wreath consisting of white Roses and a touch of color from the Iris making this wreath very elegant.
  • Funeral Flowers

    A traditional circular wreath with a selection of choice flowers and vibrant coloursuit al tastes.