Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Wall of Flowers

Kim Kardashian’s Wall of Flowers has been entwined into her love story for a while now. Kanye began the trend for Mother’s Day. Kim wakes up in California to a wall of Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas. Men the world over quaked at the sight of the floral bar being raised to the height of a Hollywood mansion. Baby North looks on solemnly, taking it all in for future reference. Maybe in her little baby head, she’s fast forwarding to her Prom Night, where she might now expect nothing less than a carriage made of vintage roses in green and white ( with an engine that runs on green stem juice.)

Here at Flowers123, we’re still getting over those Instagram wedding pics, released by Kanye with all the strategy of a florist arranging bound ribbon around a wedding bouquet of roses and lisianthus in shades of peaches and cream. By now, we know that the honeymoon couple are at the pictures in Portlaoise. Stones throw up the M50 from Dublin’s Flowers123. And we’re all on stand-by, because word has it that this florally engaged newlywed couple cherish their privacy, and may need a big wall of flowers to hide behind at short notice.

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