Funeral Flowers, Sympathy Flowers – Echoes of Christmas

A Little Mix of Old and New

Stephanie needed funeral flowers. Flowers for the living, as opposed to the deceased.

She explained to our florist at Flowers123. ‘My uncle Tom passed away last week – Father Tom Roche was my mother’s only brother – he was a priest and a great social activist in our area, so a big loss to our community and our family both. My mother was really pleased with how Flowers123 organised the funeral flowers – the wreaths were lovely and the flowers so fresh.
But Stephanie was worried because now that the funeral was over, her mother Mary was very low in herself – the grief seemed to be getting worse. Stephanie thought some sympathy flowers were in order.

Nicola, the florist had some bright ideas. ‘The funeral of Father Tom Roche was quite formal, in keeping with his clerical order, and so the funeral flowers were very traditional –large wreaths – deep red circular wreaths with dark green foliage.

Tom Roche passed away in December, and so his funeral wreath was, in a sense, a Christian tribute to the important date of Christmas in the church calendar. For the bereaved family, this was a fitting touch.

Nicola suggested that Mary might now appreciate sympathy flowers for her home that were fresh and bright and new. Stephanie was delighted – spent a nice time browsing the shop’s floristry of the day, and then settled on a beautiful bouquet of roses and peonies in pastel shades of lavender, lilac, blue-pink and creamy white. Sympathy Flowers to brighten the spirit in a time of loss.

Names have been changed.