Floral Centrepieces and Wedding Centrepieces at Flowers123

Wedding Table Flowers Bloom Into Family Dining Areas.

Flower trends can bloom and change as quickly as the proverbial guy dashing into the florist on his way to work with a flower order, frantic for same day delivery of Red Roses for his girlfriend’s birthday – the birthday flower gift he has just remembered!   In the day-to-day art of flower arranging, the florist is well-placed to spot new trends in flower preferences.  There’s a real buzz these days around creative flower centrepieces for the dining tables in our homes.  Seems we’re all ‘channel-4-ing’ our inner Nigella and Neven – and if eating-in in the new eating-out, maybe that’s why we’ve noticed a rising popularity in floral displays for the table – our creativity around food happily spilling over into floral abundance arranged around imaginative table decorations.

Flower delivery plays its part in table-flower popularity – because when you link all this to flower shop innovations like free delivery, and same day delivery, it’s easy to see why people are attracted to the concept of floral centrepieces – the florist is at your disposal to discuss floral themes, colour schemes, even floral symbolism, and after choosing your table flowers, you can carry on cooking and stay focused on the all-important come-dine-with-me moment.

A tasteful display of flowers can mean just that – people are coming in to Flowers123 asking about edible flower availability and basically seeking ideas and information about edible flowers as a centrepiece theme.  But floral table settings are by no means confined to the edible varieties like Tulips, Violets, Pansies, or edible Roses, to name but a few.   As we become more creative in the kitchen, our imaginations are blooming into the awareness that these days there’s greater availability and good value flowers to be had, and so creating our own themes around beautiful floral table displays need not cost the earth.    That frees us up to be imaginative about flowers to adorn and decorate our tables.

In one sense of course, floral centrepieces have always been popular, dating back as far as Roman times, but in different social group settings, depending on the era.  And for different reasons!  In the Middle Ages, over-washing was considered bad for the body – shared water might lead to the spread of disease.  Scented flowers as dining table centre-pieces were all the rage and it’s not difficult to see why.

In today’s world, and for reasons connected more to flowers as visual artfulness,  a wedding, or, indeed, any formal dining event, would not seem complete without a table centre-piece made up of beautiful flowers, or fruit, or a creative arrangement of ceramic or crystal ornaments – or perhaps a lovely fragile but robust concoction of all these decorative elements.  We may shower every day and decorate our tables now with all kinds of well-watered flowering possibilities – but the links to the past are still strong when you consider that the Romans went through a phase of using small bowls of crystal as centre-pieces, which is not a million miles from today’s image of flowering foliage gleaming through the prism of a crystal vase on a wedding table.

But at Flowers123, the colourful explosion of flowers on our less formal food occasions is a lovely result of today’s better value in terms of flower choice and cost.  Flower deliveries to the family home have, of course, been popular for years  – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, but back then, if you were asked to imagine a bouquet of flowers in the family home, the visual image, or flower picture,  of A Tall Vase of Lilies on the Hall Table might spring to mind as quickly as a fast-flowering Marigold in a kindergarden seed-box.  Pictures of flowers in our minds are often associated with family memory, perhaps those flowers your grandfather brought home on payday for your grandmother.

There’s still a special space for the Large Bouquet of Lilies & White Roses on the ‘good’  Hall Table, but flowers have also spread their petals deeper into the heart of the home.  Not least because when your dinner-party is over, you can savour your scrambled eggs the next morning while contemplating your squat white ceramic vase with the yellow Tulips spilling out around the centre of your table.

Colour plays its part in table themes – with the help of good floristry – your blue sky is the limit when it comes to creating your centre-piece. A woman might be cooking for her new significant other for the first time.  Blue and Purple are his favourite colours. Blue and purple flowers also suit the mood she hopes to create.  The beautiful blue Delphinium evokes serenity. The Sapphire Aster and the Purple Hibiscus complement each other by mixing passion with calmness.  Contemplating such flowering beauty means that she can cook in the cool environment of not stressing about whether or not the soufflé will rise, because the Dark Blue Iris reminds her of serenity and trust.

At the end of the day, whether you opt for a line of small shot glasses along a dining table, all spilling with Violets and Pansies and Velvety foliage, or a Tall Victorian Pink Epergne topped with a posy of Deep Red Roses,  your guests will enjoy being greeted by the mix of floral beauty and the potent aromatic scent of the food coming from the heart of your flower-decorated table.