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Hospital Gifts

Today I sent flowers to a friend of mine who is in hospital for a little ‘nip and tuck’………… as we all know in hospitals no mater how posh they are there is not a lot of room for flowers.So this is what I sent, a compact bouquet of yellow Roses in a square glass

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Pink Delight

This has to be my favourite bouquet of the week.I delivered this bouquet today for a customer who is proposing to his girlfriend tonight along with the bouquet we sent a bottle of Champagne.I do hope it all goes well for him.In this bouquet I have put a selection of pink Aqua roses, Astilbe stunning

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September is my favourite time of the year, not only is it my birthday month but it is also the month that Sunflowers are in season which as you probably know by now are my favourite flowers. Most florist shops myself included will always stock the flowers that are in season  which is why you

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