CallaLily Romance Testimonial

Engagement with an arrangement – Flowers123 deliver the perfect date. A red rose moment, delivered in parchment, sealed with floral scent. That same day I have a romantic encounter with calla lilies, a rock, a diamond, and a phone call.

Daisy’s Testimonial:
I google Calla Lilies. Up pops a wonderful image from Flowers123. I phoned right away because this beautiful image reflects our story like lily pads on a lake surface. Floral perfection, but I really like how how this Dublin1 florist posted the picture just before delivery, and ignored the unswept tiles. A messy floor around the perfect vase of flowers. Just like Patrick. I liked dating a Geology student. Not so much for all the talk about rocks and how all that affects the botanical world. Just his passion for it all.
My practical side worries about dating a dreamer. We both wake up with questions. I wonder where the relationship is going. Paddy wonders about the history of Ireland’s coalmines, and how that affects the flora and fauna. I like garden paths as much as the next girl, but not the lead up to them! Not that I’m all into the predictable. My kind of surprise is a Love Bouquet from Flowers123. All the romance of scarlet’s, fuchsia pinks, red Gerbera Daisies, peach Peruvian Lilies and my fella blushing as he hands them over.

Patrick sends flowers. He does. Just not last Saturday. Whisked off to Lough Allen, and all I know for sure is that this would involve rock. And soil. A lot of soil. A lot of talk about soil. And looking under stones.
A picnic on the lake-shore, says Patrick. Yep. And I’ll come home knowing more about Arigna coalfields than I ever thought possible. Still, it was a gorgeous day and the food spread was like a multi-coloured bouquet of edible flowers, a table-cloth with painted daisies where we sat amidst buttercups and bluebells.
Not much talk out of Patrick. Instead he starts handing me these scrolled up sheets of parchment. Reminded me of the soft wraparound effect of the Calla Lilly Flower. In front of me, the lake glitters. Rushes and grassy foliage, like a still life, untroubled by wind. I begin to ask Patrick about frogs on lily pads and why I’m not seeing any. But he just keeps handing me the scrolls.
‘No talk today Patrick? Are you treating me instead to a written lecture on the landscape?’ We were both laughing because the parchment kept rolling closed every time I tried to read what was on it.
One word on every page, like a single rose.
I’m speechless. Paddy produces a rock out of his pocket! Tells me I’m a diamond. I produce enough tears to water every wildflower from Cavan to Dublin.
When I phone Flowers123 later to create a bouquet for a dreamer, I told Nicola how her photo of the Calla Lilies told the perfect story.
The Lily curling around itself like parchment around a proposal.
The untidy floor reminding me of a man who’d rather sweep me off my feet.
The green lily stem so strong and true. The white roses around the base of the vase – he mightn’t be into frills and posies, but this was a nod in the direction of a wedding bouquet.
And finally, a forget-me-not moment – Flowers123 have finished off this unique floral creation with the angel-hair dreaminess of webbed sisal. Exactly like the dawn mist over the gardens and the hotel flower beds the next morning as we had our first morning walk as an engaged couple. Patrick asks about frogs, and what was I looking know yesterday. ‘You’re grand,’ says I. ‘I learned a lot about frogs. And men.’
Who needs a prince? I’d rather buy flowers for a dreamer.
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