Baby’s Breath Plus One

Flowers123 begins with a spray of baby’s breath, while new dad takes a big breath. Twin joy. One girl. One unexpected boy. Two babies delivered. Flowers badly needed the same day.

He dashed into Flowers123. Straight from the Rotunda. This brand new Dad called Paul could barely draw breath, never mind talk too much about Baby’s Breath Flowers. He stayed long enough to tell us why his face was the colour of a white Lilly. And that if we thought he looked ashen we should see his delighted but very shocked wife. They spent 39 weeks and more preparing for their new baby daughter. The name Rosie was decided upon early enough. But then there was two! Rosie was rather swiftly followed down the birth canal by her hitherto overlooked brother Sean. This baby boy had managed to evade the daisy-eyed scrutiny of the Scan for nine entire months. Paul had to rush. He’d be back in a bit, and said he trusted me to make something beautiful with flowers as a very special new baby floral arrangement for this moment of perfection in their family life. He said his wife Aisling was on a post-natal high, sitting up in bed, waxing lyrical that this felt like a rose garland twining itself around the green tree of life.

Right. Dad was gone. I had about an hour. Rosie was the easy bit, of course she was. Soft pink Aqua roses with a scent subtle enough for the tiny buds of a new baby girl’s senses. Pink Astibles along with that. But what about Sean? He doesn’t have a flower to his name! Well, not literally. But I knew what would work. Perfectly. Vivid blue Asters, not just because it’s a vibrant blue flower for a boy, but the Blue Aster is also the flower which is a symbol of surprise. The blues and pinks were set off beautifully with lots of greenery and Baby’s Breath. Thinking of Aisling’s dream of a Rose Garland, I finished off the large bouquet with a flourish – a twinned pink and blue Organza bow around the vase with roses entwined, a keepsake for later in a twin baby’s treasure chest of memories. ( photo needed)

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